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Canon image PROGRAF iPF9000 Printer

* 60" Wide Print Carriage
* Roll or Cut Sheet Paper
* LUCIA 8-Color Pigment Inks
* Dual Print-Head System
* Built-in Calibration
* High-Capacity Ink Cartridges
* Border-Free Printing (Roll Paper Only)
* Advanced Printer Drivers
* Energy Star Qualified

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000S Large Format Printer provides professional functionality with the ability to print impressive, full-bleed color output at widths of up to 60", making it perfect for advertising, CAD, Large-format photo printing, and even fine art reproduction. It has a high-speed throughput of up to 403 square feet per hour, and an 80GB hard drive built right in that aids in improving productivity by relieving workload from the host PC.

The innovative 8 color LUCIA ink configuration helps increase print efficiency and creates dynamic colors and tones that are ideal for production graphics applications. The printer also supports borderless printing. Furthermore, the imagePROGRAF iPF9000S has a built-in calibration feature and other advanced quality control functions such as the L-COA processor to deliver consistently superior results without sacrificing speed.

The imagePROGRAF iPF9000S has many features that appeal to the professional image maker, both with regard to creativity and cost effectiveness. Features such as automatic clogged nozzle detection and compensation, the availability of 330ml and 700ml ink tanks, and ink usage tracking help users keep an eye on the bottom line, while a large backlit LCD panel provides greater ease of use, and multiple media handling options.

An impressive software suite allows users to expand their creativity with images. Furthermore, the impressive longevity of the prints (actual print life is dependent upon media and display environment) will lead to greater customer/end-user satisfaction when the printer is used in a commercial production environment.

8 Color LUCIA Ink Technology
The innovative color/ink channel configuration increases print efficiency by dispersing eight colors of ink across the twelve ink channels of the two print heads, for better ink coverage with each pass and greater productivity without sacrificing image quality. The 8 colors of LUCIA ink provide for a dynamic color gamut, while the inclusion of Gray alongside Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta helps to create smooth gradations and reduced graininess, creating a crisp monotone output. Furthermore, Black, Matte Black, and Gray inks combine to help optimize black density regardless of media type, to reproduce better gray tones for smoother transitions from white to black.

Advanced Dual Print Head
Engineered for speed and advanced image production, the iPF9000S boasts Canon's dual print head system using twin PF-03 heads to lay down ink with speed and accuracy. Unlike conventional printers with a single print head, the high-precision, high-density print heads provide a total of 30,720 nozzles that lay down precise 4 picoliter-size ink droplets to produce sharp detail and excellent image quality.

L-COA Print Controller
The imagePROGRAF iPF9000 printer is built around Canon's innovative L-COA (Large-format printer COmmon Architecture) controller, a highly advanced system processor that dynamically optimizes output speed and print quality based on the type of image being printed and the media used. Combined with Canon's dual print head system, the L-COA controller helps achieve impressive print speeds.

Economy Print Mode
The Economy Print Mode produces 1200 x 1200 dpi output at 211 ft2/hr on coated and uncoated paper stocks while reducing ink consumption by 10-20%. This feature regulates the use of Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta inks to produce high quality output at a lower total cost.

Built-In 80GB Hard Drive
Increased hard drive storage space within the iPF9000S increases productivity by relieving workload from the host PC while providing a large capacity for print job data storage and retrieval. This 80GB hard drive enables job data to be stored in protected mail boxes for easy access and printing.

Built-In Calibration
The iPF9000S printer is equipped with the ability to easily reset back to the original optimal factory settings and apply any necessary adjustments across all the printer's media types in just minutes. At the same times this creates a stable, predictable printing platform on which superior results can be consistently achieved. The system has built-in calibration sensors that help compensate for adverse environmental conditions while providing a predictable platform for color management and consistent color reproduction.

Borderless Printing
The imagePROGRAF iPF9000S printer can produce 4-sided edge-to-edge borderless prints, with roll media of widths from 10" up to 60" and utilizing the built-paper cutter.
Extensive Media Compatibility
The imagePROGRAF iPF9000S is compatible with many different types of media including media for signage such as polypropylene, vinyl or Tyvek; Photo and Proofing papers such as Premium RC paper or heavyweight matte paper; plain papers such as bond paper and cover paper, even fine art papers and media such as Photo Rag, German Etching, Watercolor, and canvas cloth. Media can be loaded either from rolls with a core diameter of 2" or 3" (with optional 3"core roll holder), or you can feed individual cut sheets of paper. Mmedia can also be quite thick with a maximum thickness of 0.8mm (31.4 mil). The durable rotary cutter makes output from the printer easier to manage, and enables borderless printing with roll papers.

Automatic Switching of Black Inks
The iPF9000S printer utilizes two different black ink formulations to maximize image quality. The Regular Black ink produces high quality prints on photo glossy type media while the Matte Black ink exhibits high contrast prints with deep black on media such as fine art paper. The printer is able to automatically switch between Regular Black and Matte Black at the time of printing. All that the user needs to do is choose the paper type and the iPF9000S will use the appropriate black ink.

Non-Firing Detection and Compensation Function
The imagePROGRAF iPF9000S is capable of detecting clogged or non-firing nozzles; and when detected, a print head cleaning cycle is automatically executed. If the nozzle remains obstructed, the iPF9000S will automatically compensate by rerouting the ink to functioning nozzles.

Print Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional
The included print plug-ins are export modules that bypass the operating-systems-dependent print driver, allowing processing of 16-bit RGB images directly, which dramatically increases color gradations and as a result, improves overall image quality. Furthermore, these export print modules allow users to directly process and print RAW image files from DPP or Adobe Photoshop, and provide a full screen preview, more print quality selections, categorized paper type view, roll paper layout view, and bi-cubic enlargement.

To help you save energy and money, while making a difference for the environment, Canon has partnered voluntarily with the EPA to design products that meet the high standards of its ENERGY STAR Program to promote the development and introduction of energy-efficient products to combat global warming and other environmental issues. Canon ENERGY STAR qualified home and office equipment uses half as much electricity as standard equipment yet costs the same as less energy-efficient models. As higher energy costs and global warming become more of a concern for consumers, Canon is committed to offering solutions that help customers save money, conserve energy and improve the quality of the environment.

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