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Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-740 Printer

* 74" wide Printer
* Ideal production tools for stunning outdoor banners, signs, vehicle graphics and more
* Maximum print speed 458 sqft./hr
* Prints on both uncoated and coated media
* Photorealistic printing at up to 1440x1440 dpi
* Up to 3 years of outdoor durability

Outstanding Print Quality
XJ series produces photorealistic graphics that look great up close and at a distance. XJ printers precisely control droplet placement in both the print head travel and paper feed directions to provide up to 1440x1440 dpi resolution.
Equipped with Piezo print heads, the XJ design features a digital servomotor to control the media for precision imaging. Variable droplet technology uses micro-precise ink droplets of three different sizes depending on the type of output. This state-of-the-art technology delivers truly breathtaking output with beautifully smooth, dot-free tones even at high print speeds on a wide range of media from vinyl and banner to paper and mesh.
System enhancements include enhanced grit accuracy as well as new media flanges, pinch rollers and grit rollers for flawless media feeding and tracking. Extended built-in media edge clamps prevent media curling and ragged edges.
To further ensure the highest print quality, VersaWorks offers precision spot color matching through the Roland Color System. VersaWorks also supports industry standard ICC profiles, comes with several Roland media profiles, and is compatible with profiles created through standard profiling packages.

6-Color Printing
Roland 6-color CMYK+LcLm inks combine with variable droplet technology to deliver more detail in the highlights and smoother blends and transitions overall. The addition of Light Cyan and Light Magenta enhances blues and reds, ensures flawless flesh tones and improves image quality across lighter colors.

Advanced Eco-SOL Ink Advanced Eco-SOL Ink Advanced Eco-SOL Ink MAX INK - Now available in 440 and 220 cc cartridges. Learn More ECO-SOL MAX is a remarkable innovation in ink technology. Building on Roland's award-winning eco-solvent ink, ECO-SOL MAX features several new enhancements including faster drying time, higher density, wider color gamut, improved scratch resistance, lower cost per square foot, and broader uncoated media support. In addition, ECO-SOL MAX is virtually odorless and does not require any special ventilation or environmental equipment. ECO-SOL MAX graphics are water- and UV-resistant up to 3 years outdoors*.
*Outdoor durability is based on accelerated weather tests. Results may vary depending upon location and application. Dry times vary depending on specific media characteristics. Lamination may be required for some applications or environmental conditions.

Precision Firing Pattern
Rolands unique precision firing pattern has been optimized for the XJs piezo print heads to achieve unparalleled image quality in every print mode. As a result, the XJ produces dense, rich colors and high-contrast images with no traces of banding at the highest print speeds.

Integrated Tri-Heater System
The XJs integrated tri-heater system dries prints quickly even in high-speed modes for immediate finishing, installation or collection by the take-up system. The system features three components: a pre-heater that improves media receptiveness, a print heater to accelerate ink fastness and brightness, and a dryer to accelerate the drying process and improve productivity, workability and scratch resistance. All can be controlled from either the printer panel or Roland VersaWorks.

Automated Maintenance System
The XJ features an automated maintenance system that saves valuable ink and time, resulting in lower overall running costs. The XJs in-line print head configuration eliminates the need for lengthy calibration procedures as well.


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