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Flora PP2512UV Printer

*  Both 4 color and 8 color printer are available here. Designed with 8-16 Konica Minolta printheads, this UV flatbed printer has a maximum printing speed of 38sqm/hr and a printing format of 1.83m x 3.20m.

* This printing machine is able to print on materials with a thickness of 10cm, and the highest printing resolution is 1440 x 1440dpi.

* Due to reliable performance, our printers are CE, UL, FCC certified.

High Resolution and Brilliant Quality Images Output
Equipped with 8-16 Konica Minolta Piezo print heads with a small droplet of 14 pl, new advanced PP2512UV delivers high resolution at true 720 dpi quality images with YMCK four-color model and apparent 1440 dpi when using Lc and Lm. This allows users to produce a more refined image output and extend their application.
Customer Oriented Variable Color Configuration
PP2512UV offers variable color configuration to satisfy various customers' needs with optional combination of inks and printhead (P/H) channels. Such as YMCK, in 8 P/H; YMCKW, in 10 P/H for printing on dark/transparent media; YMCKcm, in 12 P/H for higher resolution; YMCKcmW, in 14 P/H; YMCK in 16 P/H for mass production; or YMCKcmWV, in 16 P/H for extraordinary mass special usage
Double Speed, Double Throughput
With a double print head arrangement, the PP2512UV doubles its speed thereby doubling the printing throughput which will decrease production costs to increase business profit.
Variable Vacuum Control System
The variable vacuum control system, which allows users to change the vacuum area to match the media width can achieve the best vacuum efficiency and keep the edge of substrate from cocking.

Anti-crash Sensor
The safety anti-crash sensor design on both sides of the UV lamp set can detect the media circumstance before hand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard.  While the anti-crash sensor detects that the edge of media is cocked, the machine will initiate an emergency stop to prevent print head from damage.

Acceptable media thickness up to 100 mm
PP2512UV processes media thickness up to 100mm allows for printing across a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates that is ideal for applying to the several industries, such as, building materials, furniture, and point-of-purchase etc.

Intellectualized UV Lamps curing system with shutter
Dual UV lamps curing design makes bi-direction and high speed image printing possible which results the double throughput and great efficiency of every job. The shutter is just right next to UV lamp can block out the UV light away. This protects user's eyes while during the maintenance and prolong the UV life in the pause between each job.
Auto Media Calibration
The auto media calibration pin automatically detects and gauges the distance between the print heads and loaded media then automatically adjusts to the optimized print height based on the thickness of the loaded media.
Automatic Pin Registration System.
Automatic pin registration system aid easy edge to edge printing, which simplifies the media location and ensure the high effective printing output.
Modular Print heads.
Increased efficiency through precise adjustments of the print heads allows for easy and convenient maintenance of the print heads. Also allows pressing ink for each print head respectively.

Dedicated White Ink
PP2512UV offers eight major utilizing white ink applications as a base, overcoat, fill color, under spot color, over spot color, spot color.etc. Applying white ink is the most common application for dark or transparent substrates to highlight and present the most vivid of graphic
Varnish Solution
PP2512UV’s optional varnish not only enhances the visual quality but also creates the tactile attribute of graphics. Users are able to apply varnish directly on graphics via print heads as either an all-over coating, or as a spot-highlighting, giving your printings more vivid and brighter finish.
International Approbated Steel Frame Construction
Steel frame design enhances the strength of machine structure, and increases the printing accuracy and stable quality.
Intellectualized Print head Temperature Control
Print head Temperature Control by software, which make sure it works in different condition.
Particular Negative Press System.
Particular Negative System ensure the negative press steady and durative in any condition, which avoid to cause the air bubble and ink starvation in print head due to press change.
Dual Motor Dual Ball Bearing Lead Rail.
High quality servo motors coupled to dual ball bearing lead rail ensure accurate alignment and movement with a minimum of vibration to achieve maximizing print quality.

Auto Cleaning System.
Auto cleaning system allows the print head auto wiping and sucking controlled by software or panel, which makes the print head cleaning much more simple and timesaving. During printing, also can set up the auto cleaning time, which will decrease the labor cost during successive printing, whilst heighten the stability of time-unlimited printing.
Three Layers Printing Innovation
Three layers (such as: CMYK + W + CMYK) printing intellectualized controlled by software, which can carry out synchronously double side printing on any transparent Substrate.

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